Personal Concierge Service

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You could think that for the rest of the world, a little-known, beautiful country like Estonia with just 1.3 million people is like a province with not much to discover… Yes, we are few and our country is cutely small, but that is exactly our strength! Our country has the world’s best coverage of e-services – you can even pay for ice cream via cell phone here; but there are also many business opportunities, thanks to pro-entrepreneurship laws and a logistically favourable geographic location.

This is why we value and respect our foreign partners and visitors, providing them with a world-class personal concierge service.

We understand that the world is large and there is an indescribable amount of information there, but our knowledge, discreteness and trustworthiness help you choose and have your best business or pleasure visit to Estonia and other northern European countries.

We are available to you 24/7 throughout organising and conducting your visit until the end of your business or pleasure trip.

  Phone: +372 52 22 247
Personal Concierge Service